Of course this is theoretical and depends if everything is assembled are perfectly. Thank you very much for the answer! With regards to warranty, CM has 2 years vs Corsair 5 years. Started by Zzzangetsu Thursday at 4: I believe you should follow the official instructions because before every product is released there are a lot of tests to provide the best possible way for a product to be used. Beautiful images with graph you have posted in your blog. Also have you ever thought of twin tower cooler? Cooler Master Seidon V arrived to me in a completely new type of package made from recycled carton paper with very compact dimensions.

Find us on Facebook. This is what the AIO looks like after I installed the radiator with the pull fan on the top of the chassis. I have my iK 4. Thanks for the response and great review too! I know this is not the norm but thanks any way cooler master. It will be matter of guessing.

Let me ask you some questions.

Cooler Master Seidon V or Corsair H60 | Tom’s Hardware Forum

Question Cooler Master Fans. For that reasons all fans are working at maximum speed inside the case, hjdro boost a bit the overall cooling inside the case. It is possible that the fans are working at high speed but the pump is running at low speed? Of course, the tubes are completely black, which will make them stay neutral in every modern case. Reply Dobrin Krastev Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Thanks for the good words, We are trying to do the best and real reviews possible.

Ofcourse if this Aio is working with not so powerful Cpoler the pump will be much quieter.

Corsair H60 vs Coolermaster seidon v vs Thermaltake water performer | Tom’s Hardware Forum

Seidon V is brazilian reais, M is brazilian reais and H80i brazilian reais. I seeidon recmmend this to anyone looking for a good AIO cooler.


Almost same price in my country. Also keep in mind that you have pretty hot processor, average size case and pretty high ambient temperature so thinking of serious cooling will be good idea.

In both cases if the AIO leaks the coolant will be spilled on the hardware. He seroes not to operate between forty and fifty degrees? Love this cooler, its silent with the fan replacement and runs really cool. For all those people whom are having loud pump noises listen up.

Of course just a little bit safer is to install the radiator on the front panel. As you can see from the pictures above hydroo water pump is powered and regulated by a not very long 3-pin cable and connector, coming out of the water block, which when working at maximum speed consumes up to 3.

Previous gen Seidon units were pretty good And apparently are reliable- passing severe stress tests according to CM and having tougher pumps than Asetek units. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. We will find out a bit seifon.

Dont know did i get a bad sample i its the Haswell IHS messing it all up. Your blog is extremely brilliant especially the quality content is really appreciable. Sign in with WordPress. Save Saved Removed 0.

Cooler Master Seidon 120v Compact All-in-one CPU Liquid Water Cooling System

That was good information. Started by kevindsouza May 3, Replies: Va this u can see which are the best products and decide according to the price you can find. If you are looking 12m0 a silence I dont think this is the best option. Enough with the history lesson, it is time to do some serries and if everything is alright, some testing…. To be honest I never tested corsair product but I expect that blademaster will be louder than the corsair fan, but much better performing one.


Hello, I have a question: I am sorry for the late reply. I know this is not the norm but thanks any way cooler master. Since they are the manufacturer they have plenty of experience with these products. Hello mate and thanks for the kind words.

I am in Arizona so the the ambient temp is like 40c. But you can always look at my other reviews, see the temperature results, see the ambient temperature and do a simple calculations to make the delta temps and corxair compare it.

If the radiator size is an issue and you can only fit mm radiator then the Nepton XL would be a good choice to consider.

New posts Trending Search forums. I’m definitely using push-pull configuration regardless the cooler i will get.

Cooler Master Seidon 120V Test and Review

Seems we kinda achieve that goal…. Cooler Master Seidon V arrived to me in a completely new type of package made from recycled carton paper with very compact dimensions. Hello Marcos and thank you for the questions. I have this cooler for my FX. New posts Trending Search forums.