Colonel Preston immediately forbids any further escape attempts along the same lines. Terrible news causes the Kommandant to gain a new perspective on his situation, and new courage. In reality the tunnel escape in question was attempted on the evening of 29 May This traps Player and Brent in the pulpit without provisions, and the British Medical Officer gives Carter only two days to get them out. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The Gestapo suspect he is a spy, and he must find some way to convince them that his perfect German and intimate knowledge of the countryside is the result of his German schooling before the war. Share this Rating Title: The Kommandant reluctantly agrees.

He and Colonel Preston attempt to find out who in the camp was responsible before the Gestapo discover that the death was not, indeed, suicide. The latter works, and Pat escapes dressed as a townswoman. John Preston 23 episodes, Bernard Hepton Grant and Carrington cross the Swiss border on foot via what in reality was the Singen route. The third is a Captain. Marsh does a very thorough job:

The Kommandant, fearing for his life and the lives of the other prisoners, requests that Colonel Preston and Major Carrington do their best to quell the upset this will cause.

Simon Carter 26 episodes, Richard Heffer They copditz this information and the offer of money to bribe him to look the other way as they escape out of a tunnel. The method of escape is based on that used by Ion Fergusona Royal Army Seriea Corps doctor imprisoned in Colditz, who certified a number of prisoners as insane in Stalag IV-Dwho tf then repatriated to Britain.

After the Japanese invasion of Singapore s011e13 Februarya group of British, Dutch and Australian women are held in a Japanese internment camp on a Japanese-occupied island between Singapore and Australia. Meanwhile, the Kommandant gives an open invitation to his officers to bring their wives and families into the safety of the castle as the American tanks approach.

Ferguson detailed his escape in his account of his wartime experiences, Doctor at Warand the episode, Tweedledum, is a fictionalised account of his means of escape retold as tragedy. Colditz Castle was a maximum security prison from which no one was meant to escape Start your free trial.

The lone American Officer in the camp gets a thrill colxitz three other Americans arrive in the camp. Pat Grant 14 episodes, Anthony Valentine He intends to keep this fact a secret, but it leaks both to Colonel Preston and the Kommandant. Search for ” Colditz ” on Amazon.

The Way Out

Mohn then proceeds to antagonise the prisoners one by one, particularly Carter, whose intimate letters to Cathy he reads with great interest. Suspected of being a German stool pigeonhe is interviewed privately by Colonel Preston and Carter, whereupon Page reveals his true identity i. However, the many dangerous missions S0e113 has experienced have left him a deeply embittered and damaged person who simply wishes to be left alone.


It is gradually revealed that the Gestapo have an interest in these three, who failed to reveal their connections to the Hungarian resistance movement under interrogation. Despite protest from Mohn, the Kommandant relents to Colonel Preston’s request to have the theatre, which was used for an escape the previous year, reopened. He becomes sick, runs out of money, and eventually tries to get help from the American consulate who turns him down.

After much harassment is directed at him, the Kommandant allows him his own separate room in which to write a book on Nazi politics.

Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. This page was last edited on 20 Februaryat After several days on the run, Pat is caught and sent to Laufen once more. The situation is further complicated when they discover that their colleague is the son of an American ambassador and thus classified as Prominente. The episode opens with a meeting of Player pressing an argument for approval of an escape plan.

Meanwhile, the pastor of Colditz town makes a request to the Kommandant for the prisoners’ choir to sing at the town church during the Bishop of Leipzig’s visit. Dick Player 17 episodes, The British Officers find out that one of the German guards is in need of 1, marks for an abortion for his mistress.

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While the prisoners manage to get around Ulmann’s heightened security measures, they encounter an unforeseen problem when the French have the same idea of using the safe route out of the theatre. After Marsh has been successfully repatriated to the UK, Colonel Preston receives a letter from Marsh’s wife, revealing her husband’s feigned psychosis has become genuine, and that he has been committed to a mental hospital for long-term care, with little hope of recovery.

The episode ends on a point of drama with Brent seeming to have bungled his role in assisting the implementation of the escape. The Kommandant initially refuses to allow the Swiss authority to examine Marsh, but relents when Marsh’s evident madness embarrasses him in front of an important visitor. Follows the story of Flight Lt Carter. The British discover a hopeful escape route through the boarded up camp theatre. The Kommandant reluctantly complies, and Colonel Preston takes command of the camp.


He also plays cards with a German guard and manages to take him for enough that the guard is forced to help Collins get a metal ID tag for civilian workers in the castle.

Use the HTML below. Unfortunately, before it is sent off, something makes the Gestapo change their minds. Colonel Preston tries to get him reprieved, with the segies of the Catholic Priest, but to no avail.

Major Mohn is left in charge of the camp as the Kommandant is called away to yet another meeting. As the American tanks approach, the German officers move their families into serues comparative safety of the castle, but the S. The Prominente, or famous prisoners, of the camp sfries to deries at last used in their capacity as hostages for Hitler and his entourage who are trapped in the encirclement of Berlin.

In reality the tunnel escape in question was attempted on the evening of 29 May Disappointed, Carter tries to shame Shaw into taking more of a part in the escape plans, but to no avail. This episode was drawn from the real-life events involving Lieutenant Ryszard Bednarski, a Polish army officer in Colditz who turned informer apparently after the Gestapo threatened his family.

One of the locations used in filming was Stirling Castle. Following disrespect from Carter, he acquires a grudge for the young Flight Lieutenant, who cooks up a scheme to get himself court-martialled so that he can escape in transit. Player and Muir receive no further coverage of their effort in this episode.

Colditz Season 1 Episode 13

Page’s dilemma is that he is in a no-win situation i. He attempts initially to have his way with the Kommandant by lying about the rules of the Geneva Convention and entering into a gentleman’s agreement that no Poles will be allowed in the British quarters. He is ironically forced to eat his words when Mohn triumphantly announces to the French contingent that, since they are no longer prisoners of war, they are being eeries to a labour camp in Poland.

The Colditz Story Preston and Carrington realise, as the story is being told, that they are under surveillance, and devise a plan to flush out the eavesdropper. The perpetrator is caught: The prisoners are wary of their new opponent, who seems much more skilled than his predecessor.