During their speech, they highlighted the potential that tourism industry in Plovdiv could have, also due to the fact that Plovdiv has been appointed European Capital of Culture , and various chances that the Region offers in religious, wine and food, spa, cultural and tourism industry. Last decisions of European Union centralized investments on national States, leaving local authorities cut out. The Deputy Minister also stressed that Bulgaria is a country highly attentive to Italy and ready to welcome the Italian entrepreneurs who decide to seize the opportunities offered by the Bulgarian market, both in terms of investments in commercial transactions. Media partners of the contest are: At the closing ceremony in Tryavna, the official representative of Milan Junior Camp in Bulgaria Ivaylo Rachev expressed all its appreciation for the positive feedbacks coming from academy management in Milan, for the excellent organization and for the success the event gained. Europe — PPP Alliance , a network of non-profit development through the implementation of public-private partnerships, its representation in Bulgaria, Italian Chamber of Commerce and Municipality of Dryanovo. The complete photo gallery of the event is available on the facebook profile of the Chamber of Commerce. A second interview was addressed to the Italian Ambassador in Sofia, H.

For further information, please keep contact with segretariogenerale camcomit. Another important objective of the event is the support to international cultural and creative companies, as well as the promotion of Italian tourism and the wine-food. What are the challenges young people taking on? Apart from the speech of MJC representative for Bulgaria, Ivaylo Rachev , who thanked Italian and Bulgarian Institutions and illustrated the importance of this project in Bulgaria, the opening session was launched by Alessandro Gianni , who expressed to the audience and media his appreciation highlighting the project, being the fourth edition, and underlining AC Milan strong interest and attention for Bulgaria progress. To the running of this website, we need your help to support us. This group was presented as a best practice and concrete result of what it means the participation into International lifestyle Fair of Fiera Milano. There were also many business meetings throughout the day and in the context of multiple conventions and seminars, as well as workshops organized and promoted by all of the actors of Sistema Puglia during the 81 st Levante Fair in Bari. In addiction the President, Marco Montecchi, has underlined the valuable grant by the sponsors Ministral Group, part of Alias Group, Intermarket Business Diamond and Orsetti Pasticceria, and also supporting members Alpetrans and Centro Medico Italiano to whom he has gave his heartfelt thanks for their support.

Be at recruiting day on 10th November ! Which perspectives have been opened? This year the Festival takes place also in the city of Varna thanks to the encouragement of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria.


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Press conference to launch the 15th edition of the Italian Festival in Bulgaria. Hitachi Zosen Inova, Ebios Energy and Weiss will demonstrate their competence, broad know-how and international experience in the waste-to-energy industry. This business initiative, not only closes the Bulgarian Presidency Of the Council of European Union, but it also constitutes cinrma last joined bojrgas of Sistema Italia in the field of the Italian Festivalthat concludes the promotion of Italian excellences in innovation and digital field.

President Montecchi, why did you choose to have your meetings in Brussels? Actually Bulgaria is placed at the 10 th place within other countries for its ability to keep its commitment with Europe.

Paolo Gentiloni and former Foreign Minister, who visited Bulgaria lastreinforcing the collaboration relationships between Italy and Bulgaria.

It will contribute to sustainable development at local and national levelas the new plant will be able to use alternative fuels, including modified as RDF- Cineka Derived Fuel and biomass.

Please see below details about each speaker: Furthermore many conferences, seminaries and presentations occurred. Milan Academy Junior Camp in Tryavna: Sofia Golf Club, illustrated the basic mode of golf and assisted the many amateur players in the initial phase.

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Moreover Secretary General progrxma provisional budget together with promotional plan foremphasizing the importance of continuity with promotional actions throughout the organization of trade fairs, trade missions, country presentations, special projects, European projects and events of programs and cultural networking.

A relevant opportunity for all companies participating to create business, to search for local and international partners bourags have a deeper knowledge about Bulgarian market particularly in those sectors. Let me do a necessary introduction: Media partners of the event are: A true show where Gianna Nannni, once again, thanked to the prestigious Red Rock Strings bassist, combined the rock with classical music, creating a personalized sound, a sort of Mediterranean rock that will make her voice stand out.

Dino Tolfo, thanking them for the proactivity already demonstrated in the last years and wishing a fruitful work fortogether with the Secretary General and all the staff of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria. Undoubtedly New Stability Law leads us to rethink oburgas relationship with Italian Chamber system and to review our organizations cimema terms of structure and strategy. Every jury member evaluates the submitted entries in particular category absolutely confidentially and independently apart.

There are governmental tools that need to be developed for audiovisual in bilateral cooperation, and in the meantime, different paths of collaboration can be implemented. The entire event was under the patronage of the Prime Minister, Boyko Borissov. For further information, keep contact with Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria offices, coordin atore camcomit.


The main goal was to increase clty opportunities between Bulgarian and Italian SMEs and, at the same time, improve the strategic role of Bulgaria in the Balkan Area.

Ghost rider 2 cinema city czestochowa. President of Unioncamere Lombardia and Assocamerestero Gian Domenico Auricchio showed that Lombardy companies are increasingly present on European markets.

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Another important objective is the support to the internationalization of cultural and creative enterprises, as cityy as the promotion of Italian tourism and food and wine. It represented an important opportunity to show the renovated project for the promotion of Italian food farming and enogastronomic excellences, especially regarding the fight against Italian Sounding.

In this way, Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria pays attention and gives more information to Italian companies operating in that environment; furthermore, ICCB increases their business in Bulgaria and Europe.

I believe this is an important step forward for the entire Sistema Italia throughout the country. As Romania and Bulgaria have shown, EU membership does not necessarily guarantee a swift end to the challenges of transition. In last part of this institutional meeting, Deputy Prime Minister on EU Funds and Economic Policy, Tomislav Donchev invited the group of Chambers of Commerce to formulate work proposals that they could be discussed jointly during regular meetings, with a perspective of dialogue and growth of the economy of the Country.

Relevant importance will be given to the most promising industries for Sardinian companies: Meetings with local businesses: Furthermore, the topic was about digital identity and the future of democracy and it occurred in the presence of Lilyana Pavlovathe Ministry of Bulgarian Presidency for European Council. The President of Milan Academy World, Silvio Broli, participated at the event, demonstrating the great appreciation for the Bulgarian team, especially for Ivalyo Rachev, who is at the center of this project and works for its development in Bulgaria since A virtual tour could be done also by visiting signamaris, www.

The initiative is promoted by the associated Dominant Sport Group and co-organized in close collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria. The Rockefeller system is used by over 20 managers in different parts of the world.