Se-kyung loves this home just as much as they do, but she will never borrow again. I originally thought the drama didn’t show her design talents, but if you look at her room she has two mannequins with dresses on them. A nice little bit of character development. So no surpise Cha’s information is unknown to many, including Se-kyung. Psycho-jo wonders and finds out she barely spoke to In-chan properly on the phone. Also,you have to remember, marrying for romantic love is a pretty modern idea.

He saw the interview with his wife who gave him a high score. Anyway, I am rooting for SeKyung. This show is also very effective at making its characters more multi-layered and nuanced than you would normally expect from this genre; nobody is perfectly good and nobody is completely evil. Too much crying for me. And Se-kyung, I get that they needed to push her to the dark side in order for her to covet marrying wealthy, but my brain hurts with all this crying. And, there’s a number of effectively melodramatic scenes as the story is brought to a head, some of which, such as the church nuptial set piece, are outstanding.

It seems so surface. Mom also wants the Tick to get knocked up. But Psycho-jo is pissed. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

Seung-jo is called out in the middle of his work to resolve the cheongdammdong. Bu Young December 4, at So that may be telling I wish there was a way that the writer captivated the audience like how they did with this episode in Ep.


Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 2 Recap

But to me, it looks like Seung-jo needs to have his faith in love and women or humanity more like restored. In the end, the reason So In-chan and I broke up was over money. I mean, seriously, I hate to say this, but they would have to have him die somehow in order for me to believe she could forget him and move on.

Watching Seung-jo frenetically cross out the entire board makes him look a little crazy. How does he know this is how Se-kyung will judge In-chan? Psycho-jo is checking out his bracelet. What is 2- doing here? AND when both parties are well aware! Search for ” Cheongdam-dong Alice ” on Amazon.

It’s new for me don’t have a clue of what is going to happen. Pretty sure they’re gonna fall in love, he’s gonna discover she originally pursued him for money and be totally hurt, she’s gonna convince him she’s really truly in love, and then happily ever after! His transformation takes place off screen but it’s almost as if he was standing before us going through the same cynical change of heart that our heroine is going through. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Then, he storms out of his office and orders them to cancel the lawsuit against In-chan.


It’s like Alice in Cheongdam-dong is Jae Hee’s side of the story, lol. That is very telling about his character.

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Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: I’m curious about how they’ll swing InChan out and Seung-jo in Moon Geun Young Main Cast. Park Shi-hoo is just an amazing actor. It’s not like they’re aristocrats with family pride over centuries.

But it was illegally distributed so they are checking into it. Choi Sung Joon Supporting Cast. As she starts crying, Dong-wook witnesses Psycho-jo crying. Okay, I like In-hwa even more, now.

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At least not yet, lol. I don’t wanna cry for them anymore. Kim Yoo Ri Supporting Cast. Although she wants to find In-chan, she has to shop for Tick Girl instead.

Tick Girl invites her to chat 23 a girlfriend sometime soon and Se-kyung leaves, running into the president.

Definitely love this episode! I hope the doctor will get some more light – a shrink-friend just asks for more It just seems like they just want more and more. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.