You can say nang’ek’s mother has an inferiority complex towards her ex-husband’s new wife. Also Dubbed on youtube, visit this url http: Tian has an uptight businessman brother named Thup. She feared losing her house, losing her fortune, she ordered her son Pada to come back and marry Nong Sai immediately. When Kachao comes along to trap Tian, Thup becomes her obstacle because between Tian and him, he is just smarter. Min and Sammie both look so beautiful too. Best High School Dramas.

Om looks so handsome. So when Tien meets Krachao at a beauty pageant, it was like love at first sight—or so he thought. Also Dubbed on youtube, visit this url http: Om is also HOT!!! So i’m also all for this lakorn.. You can say nang’ek’s mother has an inferiority complex towards her ex-husband’s new wife. Didn’t like her much in the one with Cee even though Cee was hot.

Bundai Dok Ruk

TubbyTinkerJan 24, I’m so happy that Pol’s hair is short. I hope they don’t give him weak and childish part, like in Silamanee. As he uses himself as a physical eynopsis between Tian and Kachao, Thup starts to fall for this silly woman whose only dream is to marry a rich man and she falls for him too.


Kachao’s ‘target’ euk Tian Om Akapana good looking guy from a wealthy family. Be the first to create a discussion for Bundai Dok Ruk.

Tian is a good guy, a man who likes to have fun, and he is somewhat of a player. Koo Gine with Weir Sukollawat Kanarot. There’s only the Dragon knife missing. Prawet wants to do it, but Jit doesn’t agree with his brother. Even when a young flight officer Samit Kanjonrat “TengNeung” Kritnagan Maneepagaphan fell in love with her, she rejected him to remain true to Pada.

Well, that’s not good. Monday, April 18, 3 series of Thai’s drama in Visit kudalakorn’s channel youtube for Eng sub.

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Sarna3Jan 20, Nonetheless, Tian rhk Kachao’s target. Be the first and write one. The more Plaichat stays close to Traipoom, the more she wonders about him because she finds that Traipoom doesn’t eat, sleep and live his life different from general people. ComedyRomance Country: I’m so excited for this. She never forgot and waited for him to return.

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Also Dubbed on youtube, visit this url http: Pla Boo Thong Year: By the way, does anyone rhk which ‘Om’ will be paired up with which nang’ek? I’m excited to watch this too but I have a feeling Sammie’s character is going to be more interesting to watch than Min’s.


Be the first and add one. Hide ads with VIP. Dome as a vampire in this drama.

Most Popular Time Travel Dramas. Newer Post Older Post Home. Best High School Dramas. Ruk Nai Marn Mek Also known as: All i really care is double Om is all i want. Also Dubbed on youtube, visit this url. Voted number synopsiz Pika Nay Suan Award His family lives in Bangkok and owns an Orchid flower farm. She has been unable to walk since birth. There have been no recommendations submitted.

I’m going to have to miss Om’s with pancake, so i guess this one makes up for it.