Vasundhara on the other hand is in a hurry to leave and just then Bhoomi notices the jeep outisde her house and recognizes her file that is lying in the jeep. Rajendar on the other hand goes to Bhopal to visit the office where Bhoomi has got her job. How will the entire ‘sangeeth’ function be celebrated? Just when the two of them are enjoying each other’s company, Vasundhara makes an interrupted entry and drags Surbhi away from the venue. Meanwhile, Varun is heartbroken when Surbhi informs him that she cannot marry him. Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 11 – March 16, – Full Episode.

Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 22 – March 31, – Full Episode. Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 9 – March 12, – Full Episode. Ranjendar later tells his mother, Shanthi that she has ruined Bhoomi’s dreams but when Shanthi asks Bhoomi if she is happy with her decision, Bhoomi innocently nods her head to agree with her. More Videos of Bhaghyalakshmi. While Surbhi and Varun visit the Indore museum, Vasundhara who meets Bhoomi and her grandparents in Indore begins to chat with them. Bhaghyalakshmi – Episodes She is afraid that her family will not let her go to Indore. While Avni and Vikram’s marriage is going on in full swing, Surbhi and Varun’s friendship grows further and they spend some time together Later, Vasundhara notices them standing in a corner separate from the other guests.

Bhoomi and Murlimohan begin to panic as Shanthi seems to be extremely sick and falls unconscious. Rajendar on the other hand goes to Bhopal to visit the office where Bhoomi has got her job. Will Vasundhara find out about Bhoomi’s job? Later, Bhoomi’s grandmother finds Ansh’ watch in Bhoomi’s handbag.

Later, Varun gets onto the stage and dedicates an emotional song for his sister Avni and soon both of them end up getting emotional. The Prajapatis are ghaghyalakshmi respectable upper class family with an established family business headed by Vasundhara Prajapati ‘Bhabahi ma’ who is also the decision maker in all the important aspects related to her family members.

While the house of the Shuklas is buzzing with activity as Avni’s engagement is is nearing, Murlimohan Shukla is surrounded by men who are eager to learn their future which Murlimohan seems to be revealing to them all after having a look at their palms. Will Vasundhara who is unaware of Bhoomi’s job, find out about it? Later, Bhoomi’s family announces this news to everybody and Bhoomi get shocked as she sees her dreams collapsing.


Meanwhile, Bhoomi is not happy with Riya and Saurabh’s decision to marry each bhaghyqlakshmi without their parents’ consent and she speaks to Ansh who is in favour of this marriage. After a lot of convincing, Bhoomi’s grandparents decide to let Rajendar and Gajendar take a decision and Rajendar finally decides to let Bhoomi go to Bhopal.

Bhagyalakshmi – Episode – video dailymotion

Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 25 – April 3, – Full Episode. Later, Riya convinces Bhoomi that Saurabh will never be troubling them again but the two of them are surprised to find Saurabh’s friend, Ansh in their room. Meanwhile his wife, Shanthi is running around the house looking for her granddaughter Bhoomi who is supposed to help Avni get ready. Meanwhile, Surbi and Varun are busy talking on the phone and flirting with each other.

Riya meanwhile seems to be getting calls which she tries her best to ignore but starts getting irritated as the person does not stop calling her.

61 too feels that the joint lies of the family can cause them shame and she decides to discontinue with her job. Avni on the other hand is hoping to get selected for a job after doing her engineering and all except a few in her family bhaghyalwkshmi to be completely unaware of it. Bhaghyalakxhmi, Vasundhara who is strict about punctuality starts to get furious as the trainees have not arrived yet.

Later, it so happens that Saurabh’s mother Sarla is a friend of Vasundhara and as she learns that Vasundhara is in Indore, she requests her to come to the temple to bless the newly wedded couple.

He feels episodr to learn about the working atmosphere in the office for women.


Bhagyalakshmi Last Episode

She goes on to call her mother, Suman and blasts her for not taking proper care of her daughter. She later tells them that she has fixed Surbhi’s marriage with Varun. Keep watching to know more. Vasundhara suspects that Varun and Surbhi will be going together to Indore and she decides to join them. Riya immediately lies and makes an excuse but this only disturbs Bhoomi further as she had never lied to her grandparents.

Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 13 – March bhaghyapakshmi, – Full Episode.

Bhagyalakshmi – Episode 282

She later goes on to blame the family for Bhaghyalkshmi mannerless behaviour and finally asks them to get Varun and Surbhi married. Meanwhile, Vasundhara gets ready to arrive at her factory and informs her staff to see to it that the visitors from Symbiosis arrive on time as she hates latecomers.

Or will Varun be too late for it? Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 24 – April 2, – Full Episode.


More Videos of Bhaghyalakshmi. Bhoomi and Riya secretly enter the room but they are in for a shock when they find Shanti in the room.

Bhoomi on the other hand is still upset with Ansh as he had kidnapped her by mistake, although he continuously apologizes to her. Varun is afraid that Vasundhara might meet Bhoomi at Indore and he immediately asks his parents to warn Bhoomi about Vasundhara’s arrival.

Who is this person following them? They bhaghyslakshmi manage to convince Riya’s parents to accept Saurabh as their son-in-law. Will she recognize her?

At the same time, Rajendar is extremely upset as epiwode wanted Bhoomi to fulfil her dream of doing a job in an IT company. She later learns that Bhoomi’s family is in their room and she seems horrified as she has made a mess out of their room.