Gilderoy, this is going to be a fantastic film. T hree years ago, British film-maker Peter Strickland grabbed us with his debut, Katalin Varga , an eerie revenge drama unfolding in the central European countryside. Another great thing is that the movie can be watched a couple of times, so you could discover new little things in it. Yes No Report this. The film is still modestly enjoyable as a treat for the eyes and ears, particularly for giallo fans that also appreciate a peek behind the curtain at the art of post-production sound. Writer-director Peter Strickland builds suspense out of the mundane:

But might Santini and The Equestrian Vortex be saying something more honest about the natural world? I was hoping for a more satisfying conclusion. The technique causes her to quit the production. The film does not come to a sensible ending so much as it simply stops before feeling as though it even reached a climax. This felt a lot more effective than I remember Throughout his work, he struggles with the language-barrier and constant exposure to horror movie images and finds himself drawn into a vortex all his own, as he begins to lose his grasp on reality. The Duke of Burgundy I was aware of it’s nature and prepared for any subtext or symbolism that it might throw my way, but in the end, it didn’t quite come together.

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Cows like to graze. Cabbages are stabbed and plunged into water to provide the perfect accompanying sound of someone being stabbed or drowned. I find myself somewhere in between. Francesco Coraggio Antonio Mancino Daily Horror Scavenger Hunt – August When Massimo and Massimo are ill, Gilderoy must do the sound effects himself.

Susanna Cappellaro as Veronica as Accused Witch. I loved all the educational sound effects stuff and the sense of dread that was maintained throughout. That being said, there’s no denying it’s grasp on atmosphere and it’s impressive ability to build tension.

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Berberian Sound Studio never shows atudio frame of The Equestrian Vortex outside of the opening credits ; instead, the movie hints at what Gilderoy is watching, through sound and the descriptions in his work-notes. In the absence of real terror, Strickland creates a sense of mounting dread by playing around with the raw components of filmmaking. The technique causes her to quit the production. There’s a permeating feeling dread and unease that courses through it as time, itself, seems to stroll by.


It is undoubtedly clever and meticulously crafted but it is also frustratingly boring for large passages as it aimlessly shuffles towards a perplexing, but not all that interesting, climax. Jul 4, Rating: Films directed by Peter Strickland.

Berberian Sound Studio – review

Studios Illuminations Films Warp X. Its reach may exceed its grasp, but with Berberian Sound Studiodirector Peter Strickland assembles a suitably twisted, creepy tribute to the Italian Giallo horror movies of the ’70s that benefits from a strong central performance by Toby Jones. Acting all Enya like. Jan 25, Rating: I Am the Night. But that is meant to be experienced like that. This felt a lot more effective than I remember For those who like to know how to dub cruelty. For some, it will bore; for others, it will confuse.

Fatma Mohamed as Silvia. Berberian Sound Studio Returning home from a business trip to discover his wife missing, a man delves deeper and deeper into a surreal kaleidoscope of half-baked leads, seduction, deceit, and murder. Writer-director Peter Strickland builds suspense out of the mundane: Oct 4, Rating: Berberian Sound Studio is many things: Antonio Mancino as Santini.

Views Read Edit View history. Working in a claustrophobic and windowless studio the studio of the title the placid Englishman succumbs to the horrifying violence he is paid to work on. Francesco refers him to Elena. Sort of like if you took the framework of a Lynch film and ripped away everything other than most of the sound design that made it gripping, emotionally resonating, or demanding of more thorough analysis.

Movie Info In the s, a British sound technician is brought to Italy to work on the sound effects for a gruesome horror film. Really, it goes without saying that I have a strong connection with Italian gialli and horror cinema.


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In the s, a British sound technician is brought to Italy to work on the sound effects for a gruesome horror film. An experienced British sound-engineer is hired to work on a low-budget Italian horror movie called “Equestrian Vortex”.

Berberian Sound Studio is a British horror film. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. This second feature from director Peter Strickland following “Katalin Varga” in is certainly an interesting bag of soudn opinions.

In the beautiful, otherworldly Carpathian Mountains a woman is traveling with a small boy in a horse and cart, looking to punish those who once abused her.

Jennifer Kernke Sarah Finlay.

Aug 23, Rating: This cheesy, crummy place provides the electronic music, sound effects and dialogue overdubbing on low-budget pulp shockers — the giallo genre made famous by Dario Argento: Yes No Report this. The story on the other hand is confusing to say the least. Before long, this loss of orientation results in a lot of banging into walls and tripping over attempts at style that serve artistry more than they serve narrative.

So as I started to watch it, I was trying to figure out exactly what about it had pulled me in to wanting to see it as much as…. Although the film is set in Italy, when she picks up the phone a continuous dial tone is heard, which is normal for the US or UK; however, the actual dial tone would have sounded very differently in Italy, a country where the phone system has a very distinctive and non-continuous dial tone consisting of a Hz tone with a duration of 0. That is, until the chicks get ripped apart by magpies.

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