Report this video Select an issue. Okay Ka Fairy Ko Ang Darling Kong Aswang Ina then embarks on a journey of finding her self-worth that surprisingly lands her as the President of the Philippines! She sends out other Aswangs to hunt down Elisa and her mother, and also for Victor and his family. Juan’s favorite pastime is watching Wowowee on The Filipino Channel, though he does not watch the show just for entertainment’s sake. Unknown to Rosa, she arrives on the eve and her hell is about to begin.

They are angry, and they are hungry for revenge. When the Aswang came, she tried to trick both Veron and Catlyn. Manananggal is about a teenager who courts a barrio lass without his knowledge that this lass is a monster. But their relationship is tested by conflicts from their worlds. As the two become constant chat mates, Myles’ lust is finally re-awakened. In the village, they noticed the beautiful lady which seems to be peeping on them especially that there is Rosita who is pregnant and the kid Catlyn.

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Dudoy recalled that he already saw that lady 30 years ago. Angered and humiliated, Marc calls off the wedding and a huge scandal explodes, leaving Rome and Juliet in a state of emotional turmoil. Report this video Select an issue.

They are angry, and they are hungry for revenge. This film is an entry of the Metro Manila Film Festival. In need of a place to stay, he ends up renting a room in his neighbors property, knowing that the owner TRINA Sarah Labahti is attracted to him.

Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes Story: Sally Malasmas applies for a US visa. He also warned Catlyn to avoid getting close to anyone. Tot groot wantrouwen van Mathilde en Gerda. Catlyn Aiza Seguerra and her yaya Veron,played by Manilyn Reynes are accompanied in the countryside by Dudoy, the family driver played by Berting Labra.

The gang almost caught them but they managed to escape and Dudoy decided to take the girls to his hometown where at that time the family is grieving for the death of his nephew Emil. In Chinese superstition, the seventh month of the lunar calendar is regarded as the month when the gates of hell open for forsaken spirits to walk the earth for 30 days.


She’s smart and is a genuinely caring person who always has a hand to help other people. Every quarter of a century, it must be opened by a chosen member of the clan, known as “The One”, to enable stranded ghosts to cross over to the afterlife. But Fuull is a survivor. Easier said aizx done, they won’t kick old habits no matter how much trouble they get themselves into! It also shows some of a clever shots, of the killing process. A submarine crew, a feared pack of forest bandits, a famous surgeon, and a battalion of child aseang all get more than they bargained for as they wend their way toward progressive ideas on life and love.

Cannot forget how cute and clever Aiza Adn as an actor, she’s an child star during that time and she already shows a fantastic talent,put it with Manilyn Reynes character is just perfect on the movie. Aswang Filipino part 1 5 years ago But their relationship is tested by conflicts from their worlds. Shake Cull and Roll Fourteen: Overall Aswang is a terrifying classic, because of it’s dominant great depiction asang the monster, which is the main course of the dish, which makes the whole film very likable and memorable.

The tree revived him an bestowed him the powers of elasticity and morphing. She even eats unborn babies inside pregnant women using her snake tongue. Start your free trial. He knows how to use his good looks and appeal to seduce people who can help him. Directors Lore Reyes Peque Gallaga. Vato and Felipe are two free loaders whose only skills are to relax and have a good time.

The thing is it’s scary even if the movie distinctively become slow, the intense scenes becomes it notorious backer. Who will win in the battle between men and monsters?


Alone jovie the first time and away from her family in rural Philippines, Rosa Dimaano arrives in the cosmopolitan city state of Singapore to work as a maid. And in “Lihim,” a pregnant woman fears for the life of her unborn child. Mike Tuviera and Topel Lee direct these hair-raising films.

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In My Life Catlyn Aiza Seguerra and her yaya Veron,played by Manilyn Reynes are accompanied in the countryside by Dudoy, the family driver manilhn by Berting Labra. The aswang has a lengthy cinematic history, having been the subject of the first sound film ever produced in the Philippines ‘s Ang Aswang and migrating, in somewhat altered form, to films in Hong Kong, India, Japan, and, into the United States.

Witty and amusing for the political junkies amongst us. Adrian decided to use his powers for good and becomes the superhero Lastikman. Hesus has no choice but to fulfill his mission as The One. It’s some sort of a thing you serve when you are craving for Filipino horror movie fest.

An older man, Ignacio, professes his love for her; her father and her brother quarrel over her brother’s sexual orientation; she thinks about leaving Cuba.

As the story moves forward, Fidel is constantly confronted by his familly’s over-dependence on him, even if the eldest in the family is mainlyn Kuya Roger Gerard Pizzarasan ill-tempered trisikad driver. Tired of bouncing from job to job, they do what they know best and take the easy way out. Okay Ka Fairy Ko I Come with the Rain