I have much respect for these people, they are heroes, they are all winners. A lot of the pictures have a different look to the regular Olympics because of the extra equipment required by the athletes but the faces, the glory and the bitter disappointment are the same. My respect for you all. Sois un gran ejemplo para todos. Me paro y me quito el sombreo. Thank you for “teaching the world” that differences are OKAY.

Photos which made my eyes wet And so inspired and in awe of their beauty and courage. Congratulations to all the athletes. It really Heart Touching Photos I saw wheelchair basketball tonight at the National Indoor Stadium. I think i wanna cry, and ashame to my self.

I am very disappointed that while the Canadian and US television devoted hours and hours of programming to live broadcasts from the Olympics, the Paralympics got hardly any television coverage at all – or perhaps I missed it due to low levelof publicity for these programs.

I had no idea that the paralympic games were so diverse and so much like the regular ones. Isso mostra a capacidade infinita do homem em superar obstaculos e vencer desafios.

These photographs are not only technically excellent and beautiful, they are inspiring! These athletes need to replace our countries’ leaders! The games need to be televised if they are not already. The ParalymPix are just damn inspiring. So amazing and emotional. US TV media are truly ridiculously bleep ing bleep bleep bleep! As a photographer I can say the photos are amazing. Other pix from his site are amazing: Yet, we all need to remember that there are some out there that win a gold for themselves every day; just by making it to sunset.


Absolutely moving and inspiring. They’re perfect examples of the best in all of us, of what the human spirit is capable of.

Photos maraviolosos made my eyes wet Just another thing that makes you stop and say, “hrm”.

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Y lo curioso es que una novela puramente Gaiman. Until you’ve actually seen the events in person, you may not realize the high level of compeition. To maraviklosos it says a lot about the uplifting power of the games. Works great on blogs, forums, Twitter, Face I want to use my camera to capture this kind of emotion! Algunas financieras pueden encluso conceder creditos rapidos sin papeles. Congratulations to all participants and medal winnersat the Olympic and Paralympic games in China – well done!

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Watch Murderball Mark Maravlilosos from pic 30 is in itit’s a fantastic movie. Just tears running down my face. Reminds me of a little poem that I taught to my children, author unknown by me.

These athletes are amazing and the pictures are spectacular. These people are by far the most motivated people on earth! Not the most awe inspiring pictures of the series For those from areas that get good coverage are there many people interested watching the game?


I’m happy to say the Games have been well covered in Britain. Wow, que asombroso el esfuerzo y la entrega por parte de estos atletas. You can never underestimate the power of the human spirit.

@guilaWebMaster – Fran Franco: Décadas de los ’70 y ’80

It is just as inspiring as the regular Olympics, if not more. Esos son los verdaderos atletas de las olimpiadas porque ellos no compiten por perfectos porque ellos son perfectos porque compiten para superar sus desabilidades pero sobre todo compiten por superar obstaculos mentales que muchas veces nos desabilitan a los que no tenemos sus dificultades Once they see that they can do anything they want, they are liberated.

No Words to Say It’s just more serids It’s a shame that after the big show it seems no one remembers that these events even occur.