The guys plan their first acid trip. They decide to throw a pool party and Karl in a spoof scene similar to Good Will Hunting. Adam dislocates both of his shoulders after making a workout video with him lifting massive tires. The guys have to beat Alice to work or risk being fired. Stream It Or Skip It: Please try again later.

The guys prepare their house for their first time doing LSD , but Anders is called away on a business trip at a swanky hotel to meet a client named “The Barracuda”. Additional information Networks Comedy Central. They approach a group of students who are the official bookies of the school and make bets on all kinds of sports, but lose all their money. The dudes go on a midnight road trip for the ultimate breakfast burrito. Retrieved July 25, Flashback in the Day.

The story of how Adam, Blake, and Ders first met. I always want more of them because Monroe is a comedy powerhouse and delivers the perfect amount of cruelty to this otherwise sweet show. From tripping with their boss at a business conference to attempting to outwit a Mexican cartel, Adam, Blake and Ders keep on partying as hard as they can.

The guys plan their first acid trip. So the guys visit a retirement home and meet Adam’s grandfather, in an attempt to get Adam put back on his grandfather’s health insurance plan. Alone on Valentine’s Day, the guys turn to a webcam girl for romance. They try to start a rival strong-man group called “The Gaylords’ Force”. Workaholics season 3 DVD cover. Adam and Ders try to become rich inventors, while Blake joins a teenage art collective.



quuts After seeing Jillian’s star running back cousin Billy play a game, the dudes become obsessed with betting on high-school sports. Workaholics will not go down in history as one of the best shows of all time or even one of the best comedies. To rate and review, sign in.

The three discover one of their coworkers, “Homegirl”, has died at work. Ders Comes in Handy. Montez quts closer with Waymond and Jet Set. Top Comedy Shows See All. This aggressively stupid episode perfectly matches this aggressively stupid show. Duration 20 episodes 7 h 7 min.

Workaholics – Season 3, Episode Alice Quits –

Decider What to Watch Find: Whereas similar comedies delight in cruel plots and gross-out moments, there was always something sweet and vulnerable about Workaholics.

Viewers Also Bought See All. There was an error posting your review. The gang wins free pizza for life at the pizza-eating contest and gives the prize to Karl to make up for everything. He attempts to cover it up by squatting in a nicer home down the street. Search for ” Alice Quits ” on Amazon. They take Montez to small-claims court over the matter.

The memorial service turns into a battle between Adam, Anders and Blake in attempts to woo the girls. The League Epic Bundle. Views Read Edit View history.


Remember, you only YOLO once. Where Are the Couples Now? The Meat Jerking Beef Boys. Though he is reluctant, Devin’s mother forces episore to take the job.

Best episodes of The gang hatches up a clever plan, but then it goes way too far as Bill takes the whole office hostage.

The guys welcome two members of their favorite faith-based strong man group into their home. Devin saves Anders from getting hit by a truck. Our 5 Favorite Things About the Oscars. Edit Storyline The guys meet their new boss when Alice quits being their old boss. Alice Quits 30 Jan 8. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Things get woraholics when the guys discover a former employee may be haunting the office.

The gang bets against Billy’s team and workabolics to get him drunk the night before a game in order to make all their money back. When Alice introduces an automated calling system, Blake imagines a future where the machines have taken over.