Apr 25, Nazish rated it liked it. Raeesa going back to find her roots, clearing Salar’s name was definitely a very bold and a good choice. Jun 21, Natasha rated it it was ok. But she did remember Salaar being a whiny brat over a chicken burger and teased him for not complaining this time. This Urdu novel is authored by Ms. But Aab e Hayat has its own charm regarding imama slaar story and ribah things so overall good book to read. I particularly fell in love with each and everyone of their kids and how each character complimented the other so well.

It also sheds light on a very important aspect, that was,non muslims ,specially westren people can never be sincere to us they will only use us and will help us untill we are of some use to them and they will never let our true religion spread or develope. Dec 01, Sidra Irfan Malik rated it liked it Shelves: Overall it was an absorbing, engaging and somewhat eye-opening read. Jul 16, Muhammad Bin khalid rated it it was amazing. Or was the book missed that part as well? F Sheikh rated it it was amazing. Oski observation oski thoughts bht he differnt thi…..

I thought it will be as good as peer e kamil but was very disappointed. When I first heard of it’s publication I was overcome by a sense of aabb a part of me was excited to know what she had in store for the readers as a sequel for almost everyone’s favourite novel but at the same time a part of me was scared that it might not live up to the standards set haat its prequel.

This is a short Urdu novel and another masterpiece of Umera Ahmed.

It was like digging a mountain to find a rat. I was quite hesitant in reading the sequel to peer e kamil, one of my favourite books, scared to ruin it but well I wasn’t disappointed. Great review… really liked it….


آبِ حیات (Aab-e-Hayat)

Get Yourself a Copy. This is the second part to Umera Ahmed’s most famous book, Peer-e-Kamil. However, in reality the book is more about the difference between munafiqeen and baa-amal Muslims.

She not only read these but cherish all of her books as well, and while reading places herself as female lead and Jalal as male lead, no wonder she is messed-up in the upper department. I am very demanding, aren’t I?

Shobywood: Aab e Hayat (Episode 15)- Review by Shoby

Jul 16, Deview Bin khalid rated it it was amazing. Negative and one-sided portrayal of a sect of Muslims, which reflects the culture of intolerance present in our society. The one missing star because of all the loop holes in the story. The first episode served more as a teaser and was very promising bythe look of it. I felt that the rich are entitled to even their IQ’s. Lists with This Book.

And then, when we hear that Anaya has never had any male friends much less close male friends because SHE has been brought up like that when at the same time it’s no big deal that her older brother Jibreel has been making female friends freely, ungrudgingly and can go see a woman alone at her apartment, and her younger brother can have girl-friends from an early age, Umera!

Problem is I’ve read fpisode liked such novel where only plot revolve around the love life of two main leads but what’s really off putting in this love story is a its boring and b the character of Umama. That Charlize Theron scene though.

Apr 25, Nazish rated it liked it. It takes off with a lengthy scene of the dramatic revealing of Salaar’s illness in front of Sikander Usman Salaar’s father and Amama. I am sorry if I inadvertently hurt someone by my opinions. The book just looks like its the first draft and could really use some re-editing. I don’t thing I’m going to read it again anytime soon There end was sort of abrupt and weak.


Sikander unknowingly tells Amama about this and as expected she gets shock. Though i didn’t enjoyed it as much i thought i hhayat Family always comes first and Salaar takes a right decision here.

Ab-e-Hayat (Peer-e-Kamil Sequel) Episode 4 Review

And, y’all please tell me, is there not another respectable profession besides business and medicine?. Mar 14, Sunny rated it really liked it.

Indeed a good novel by Umera Ahmed and like as my friend had said, only if it eisode related to Peer-e-Kaamil, I would have given it more stars. Like we are perfect ourselves? Now I’ve read some books and romance is my favorite genre and I’ve my fair share of some cheap and dirty ones as well but after ‘cheap’ romance novel, you got to have to read some from E.

Umera ahmed k novels parhne walon ko pata ho ga umera k writing style ka. Feb 06, Rizwan rated it liked it.

I loved how easily Salaar can fool anyone, be it his own father or his wife. I simply loved it! Another thing I have to say is that given that they live in America and all, Imama wears hijab, her husband and eldest son are Hafiz-e-Qur’an have memorized the Qur’an and their household is quite religious but the girls’ revjew remained unaffected by the environment in their home. The best part is Dr.